This Model Takes The Test of 'Lovers' Before Romance!

Now romance is very hard but f*ck is too easy try it.

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2 min readMay 6, 2022


A model has set very strict rules for going on dates with potential ‘lovers’. On the first date, she takes IQ test of boys. If the boy does not pass in this, then the model does not give a chance for a second date.

Candice Kloss, a resident of New York, USA, came into the limelight for the first time last year. Then he told that men consider his intelligence ‘scary’. Now she has told that to what extent she can go to find the ‘right partner’.

The model has more than 1 lakh followers on Instagram. She takes the written IQ test of her partner on the first date itself. Even if the model’s chemistry with the partner is correct, but they do not pass the test, then they are thrown out.

Photo candicekloss by instagram

Candice said- I take special care that if I go on a second date with someone, then he is worth it. Many boys look attractive but if they are not intelligent then their beauty becomes less.

The model further explained about her choice — how can you enjoy time with such a person whom you cannot connect in conversation.

The model also has a rule for those who pass the IQ test. That is, the boy should be updated in the current affairs and can entertain the model through his knowledge of Maths, Finance and Science.

However, Candice herself is a college dropout. But he claims that he is a genius according to the Mensa standard. According to the IQ scale, people who score 120–140 are very intelligent. Whereas those who score more than 140 marks are considered genius. Candice got 136 marks in this and she is among those 2 percent people who are so intelligent.

Candice tests the boys who came on the first date through this scale. He said — they should be above the average on the scale. Only after that she goes on a second date with a boy.



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