Is a Black Nipple in Pregnancy Dangerous? Why?

Do you know that during pregnancy, the color of women’s nipples becomes dark black? Yes, it happens to many women.

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During pregnancy, the hormonal variations in the body of women are very fast, which have various effects on the body. There are many types of changes in the breasts while pregnancy.

During this, it is common to increase breast size, harden the nipple, discharge from the nipple, and become sensitive to the nipple. But the color of women’s nipples becomes dark black? during pregnancy,( breast changes during pregnancy week by week).

Why Nipples Get Black During Pregnancy

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Due to pregnancy hormones, more melanin is produced in the body. This is a kind of pigment which is responsible for skin color changes. More millennin causes the skin to darken, especially the areas of the skin that already have more pigments, such as the area around the nipple.

In the last days of pregnancy, along with the breast size, the nipple size also increases as they are preparing themselves for breastfeeding. You may feel a small rash on the nipple because at this time small sebaceous glands start growing. These glands protect the nipples from being dry.

How long does nipple color remain dark?

As the time of pregnancy progress, the color of the nipple starts to darken. Whereas after childbirth they start to normalize on their own. Because hormonal irregularities begin to balance after delivery, this problem is automatically corrected.

Specialists and doctors say that they may get excited by massaging the (breast) Nipple During Pregnancy, which can trigger labor. This is because the stimulation of the nipple increases the secretion of oxytocin, this hormone starts the labor pain and this can cause you risk of abortion. So it is great that you do not massage your nipple while pregnant.

These skin problems can also occur.

There are several varieties in the body of women when pregnant. Which also has an effect on the skin. In this stage, it is common for women to have problems like pimples, dark circles, and small dark spots on the face. These spots can occur on other parts of the body besides the face. These problems are more common in women with dark skin. and also itchy nipples during pregnancy.



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