A Company That Gives $2000 To Stop Using Social Media App’s

The successful applicant will be paid $2,000 to stop using all social media for eight weeks.

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Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube have become a part of people’s lives. Crores of people are using these social media platforms. People are spending a lot of time in this virtual world of the internet. Meanwhile, there is a company that wants to pay up to $2000 to people who leave social media for 2 months.

The name of the company is Uptime App. According to this, if you can quit social media for two months then it will pay you $2,000. In fact, Uptime is looking to explore the impact of social media and 'Doomscrolling' on an individual’s productivity, well-being and self-development.

The company will give $2,000

For this, the company is going to do a study in the next few months. The study will include people who have stopped using social media platforms for at least two months. Uptime will also give $2,000 to these people leaving social media.

According to the Uptime App website, the successful applicant will be paid $2,000 to stop using all social media for eight weeks. The company says we’ll find out how they use their new downtime.

Also, ask them to record their happiness level, behaviour and productivity without spending their free time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

The Uptime app said that experts have warned that 'doomscrolling' can be harmful to mental health and social media can be a behavioural addiction. Studies have proven that social media can increase dopamine levels in the same part of the brain that drugs and alcohol can.

The findings of several studies, combined with statistics that show that the time the average person spends on social media has increased by 16% since the start of the pandemic, is what prompted us to launch our study.

We don't think everyone needs to delete social media forever, but we aim to inspire people to use their downtime in a way that's best for them.



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